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Just getting started with AdSense? Learn more about all that AdSense has to offer and how you can get started.

 Optimizing AdSense

Optimizing AdSense

Whether you're new to AdSense or have been using it for years, there's always more to learn. Get the most out of your AdSense account with Optimizing AdSense, a new online course created for AdSense publishers. The course puts all of our top optimization resources in one place.
Sign up today to take advantage of detailed video lessons, step-by-step walk throughs, and practice activities to help you learn.

Help resources

AdSense is a self-service product, and we encourage you to use the resources available in the AdSense interface, Help Center, and user-to-user forum to resolve your issue.

AdSense Help Center

Our Help Center is a large inventory of AdSense-related knowledge and we encourage you to browse through the topics and search for answers to questions you may have.

AdSense forum

Have a look at the user-to-user forum to resolve your issue.

Inside AdSense blog

Each week, new information and tips are published on the AdSense blog.


Follow AdSense on Google+

AdSense YouTube Channel

You can also watch our YouTube videos to learn more about AdSense.

Email messages

In addition to mandatory service announcements, you can choose to receive occasional emails as well as regular AdSense newsletters. To make the most of your account, we encourage you to update your email preferences to receive these additional emails from AdSense. Emails will be sent to the address specified in your AdSense account, so ensure that your contact email address is up-to-date.

Customized help and performance suggestions

To help you earn more from your site, our optimization specialists send personalized tips with specific examples of changes you can make to your ad implementations.

Periodic newsletters with tips and best practices

Our AdSense newsletters feature optimization tips, best practices, and other information to help you get the most out of your Google AdSense account. We’ll update you about new products and features, invitations to events, local news, as well as information about our program policies.

Occasional surveys to help Google improve AdSense

Emails in this category include invitations to test new features or to share feedback about your experiences with us. You might also receive surveys about Google AdSense, like our Publisher Satisfaction survey.

Special offers

These emails can include invitations to our Learn with Google events and webinars, as well as news about AdSense promotions or giveaways.

Information about other Google products and services which might be of interest to you

We’ll send you relevant news and special offers from other Google products such as Google AdWords or Webmaster Tools. You might also receive tips around using DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business.

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